Mit einem Jugendzeitschriften-Abo unterhalten und informieren sich Jugendliche nicht nur über die aktuellen Trends, sondern setzen auch Akzente. Dazu finden Sie bei zahlreiche Zeitschriften mit dem passenden Lesestoff für Teenager. Einerseits um über Themen wie Musik, Comics, Trends und die heissesten News stets auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben. Anderseits um sich auf dem Weg zum schulischen Erfolg ganz ohne Stress das Allgemeinwissen zu verbessern. Entsprechend erhalten Sie hier eine Übersicht über das Angebot im Bereich Jugend.

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Often adolescents and children have little fun reading and reading as school work in the transition to puberty. It is even more important that teenagers read at this stage, which strengthens their need, arouses interest and makes them experience it. Passing suitable juvenile magazines is a very good choice for parents as well as for Gotti and Götti. The Bravo Girl, Bravo and Bravo Sport titles have been very popular for a long time. With each issue, the recipient is reminded of the gift for a whole year, because they give each magazine a new reading pass every month. From our wide assortment of youth magazines Abos you simply select the youth magazine, which corresponds to the age suitability. The most read youth magazines in Switzerland areBravo Girl Subscription , Bravo Sport Subscription , Bravo Magazine, Funny Pocketbook Subscription , Girl Magazine. This is how reading makes fun!

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Magazines for teenagers with topics that inspire fashion, stars, fashion, love and music. Comics for young and young readers.


Take advantage of our discounted magazines offer of up to 35% off. By subscription you will receive most of the youth magazines for 3 months free of charge. Payment is on account. The postage costs are already included in the low subscription price. It’s fun to read!